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June 17, 2021 60mins
Artists & Makers, Business For Good

Small Business Stories: Campaign Shop Independent Special with The Chocolate Smiths founder Steffi Smith and Kojo Marfo founder of My Runway Group

This week’s episode of Small Business Stories: Campaign Shop Independent Special, Holly chats to small business founders Steffi from The Chocolate Smiths and Kojo from My Runway Group, both of whom have built businesses from their hearts in order to give to other people.

Not only does this episode highlight the need for a small business to prepare for the unknown, it also spotlights the fine balance between commerciality and fairness; something that can be a constant battle whilst building a business doing what you love.

A real showcase of two thriving brands, Holly’s chat with Steffi & Kojo is a true testament to how we can successfully use creativity to bring people together, create community and ultimately provide a bigger social impact, whilst celebrating diversity and culture in an organic way to build a better future for next generations.

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