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25th May 2020 35mins
SME: SOS specials

SME: SOS with Edward Perry, co-founder of COOK, Steve Barclay, MP and Rachel Wilkins, from Dell UK

This week's guests are each from widely different sectors, but share a common view, that the future for creative businesses will be bright, as long as brands embrace the speed of change that is demanded of them right now. From company culture with Edward Perry, co founder of COOK, to what the government are doing to support small with Steve Barclay MP and how DELL are moving quickly to provide small businesses with all the tools they need to thrive - these 30 minutes will arm you with the insights to navigate this time and build for the future. SME: SOS is a topical podcast to support small businesses through this turbulent time of the Coronavirus. Offering advice from experts and founders, these 30 minutes are designed to empower and support you through this climate.

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