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January 30, 2023 81mins
Female Founders

The woman standing up to the social media giants…and winning, with Sue Fennessy, founder and CEO of WeAre8

For most, living in a world where social media is only a positive and empowering place is nothing but a dream. Yet this week Sue Fennessy, founder and CEO of WeAre8, is here to share how she is making it a reality.

Describing this venture as her ‘civic duty’, Sue has created a social media app that not only has zero tolerance for hate, but that could also generate millions of pounds shared across charities, creatives and users each and every month in the process. How? Simply by offering users the chance to enjoy the app in exchange for watching just a few minutes of adverts per day.

In this empowering and emotional episode, Sue talks to Holly about the current value exchange of digital advertising. She also explains the power of the female founder, and how WeAre8 aims to contribute towards solving the global economic crisis by reconnecting millions of brands and people — whilst saving our young from the bleak reality of social media as we know it today.

So how can you help Sue on this mission to change the world? Listen to find out…

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