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1st June 2020 64mins
Business For Good

The future of business is flexible, with Anna Whitehouse, journalist and founder of Mother Pukka

The recent months have moved the conversation around flexible working forward at a dramatic pace, but as employees realise the huge benefits, will businesses change the way in which they ask their most valuable assets to work?

Anna Whitehouse, also known as Mother Pukka has been leading the Flex Appeal campaign for flexible working since 2015, and throughout this conversation she shares her own personal journey, from lawyer, to journalist and then finding her voice leading the campaign for change.

Sharing the insights and statistics that highlight the many benefits of a flexible workforce, Anna also delves into the lows along her own journey and reflects on how these moments led to her being the voice of change for women in the workplace across the UK.

Warning - in this conversation Anna covers the difficult topic of miscarriage.

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