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Each month at Holly & Co, we change theme to celebrate a different creative industry. From products and blog posts, to food and events, we hope to bring each trade to life both at the Work/Shop and online. Join us each month in our celebration of creative small businesses!

About This Theme

We’re into February, and the month of love. But what if, this year, we change the subject slightly, and look inwards a little…

At Holly & Co, we believe that doing what you love is the key to a happy, successful life. We believe that there’s a small business in everyone, a means to live your very own ‘Good Life’. A dream doesn’t need to be fantasy; it can be a reality, if you work towards it.

So many of us sleepwalk into jobs we’re not happy in; perhaps you took the wrong degree and now you’re bonded to a career that’s making you unhappy. Could it be a family business that you had join after leaving school? Maybe your salary is the deciding factor in what you’re doing at the moment, even if earning it is making you miserable. Whatever the reason, it’s easy to be so preoccupied with the unhappiness, that we forget to focus on what we really want - what we’d love to do.

It’s been proven that doing a job that makes you unhappy is bad for your physical and mental health. A few reasons; 1. Unproductiveness isn’t good for you or the business you’re working in. 2. Stress can actually take years off your life. 3. Your negative feelings harm the relationships around you, especially those you’re closest to. 4. Life’s too short! Simple but true - life’s too short to do something that makes you unhappy.

Join us at the Holly & Co Work/Shop this month, as we celebrate love in general, and the beauty and bravery of following your own path. We’ve curated a range of new inspiring books and products to set minds racing, a selection of cards to get hearts beating, and an assortment of treats to get taste buds tingling.

Could it be time to spring clean the ‘mind attic’ and uncover some of those ideas you put away in the past? It’s a new year, after all…

Follow your dream, and let your heart soar!