Medal For Courage

£ 14.00

By RockCakes

We're no stranger to a collaboration with the wonderful Rockcakes, and as the month of March is all about celebrating and empowering women, we knew we had to create another.

With a nod to the suffragette movement, this purple and white handmade brooch is guaranteed to remind its wearer of their courage, and let them know just how brilliant you think they are. The perfect gift for strong women and men, everywhere.

Product Details

Handmade with birch wood, wood, paint, ribbon, varnish, metal.


Rock Cakes is a jewellery brand based in Brighton, founded by Sarah Meredith.

As a child, Sarah grew up in a small, isolated village, which meant that making things was her pastime of choice. She’s inspired by everyday life, often it's the simple things she finds visually poetic; from a bicycle in the street, a simple phrase, such as "every cloud has a silver lining" or brightly coloured ice creams sold in boutique cafes.

Her aim is to make affordable pieces of luxury to bring the recipient excitement and joy. Sarah uses precious materials such as silver, gold and gems, as well as wood and acrylic.

We love Sarah’s incredible medals and pencil pin badge, which you can find here!

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