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Career Therapy Cards


Does your career need some therapy?

There are few questions harder or lonelier than; “What should I do with the rest of my working life?”  A lot of people might be happy to continue along the safe and predictable path.  And we all probably feel that we are meant to know the answer to this question.

But in private, some of us are acutely aware that we aren’t happy where we are, and would love to find a way toward a job that is truly fulfilling.

Tantalisingly, many of the answers we need to better direct our futures are inside us, but we need a little help in getting them out, in making sense of them and in assembling them into a plan. 

This box contains a series of prompts, questions and essays designed to help us systematically understand more about our working identities and to guide us towards the kind of job that will honour our talents and allow us to thrive.

Topics Explore:

  • Why now? – A chance to wonder why a career crisis has descended.
  • Blocks – the set of blocks preventing us from moving forward.
  • Invitation – An invitation to consider how you would like the future to be.

In stock

  • 20 Cards with Exercises
  • 114mm x 157mm x 19mm
  • Instruction card included

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