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Interviews with The Experts #6: Dave Buonaguidi, Artist & Advertising Expert

Last week I caught up with the brilliant artist Dave Buonaguidi. Dave has been a maverick in the advertising world for over 30 years and is a total favourite at Holly & Co for his no-nonsense approach to business and his bloody BRILLIANT sense of humour!

We talked about being bold and it was SUCH a relief to be a little bit silly… okay very silly! It was such a treat to have a proper giggle all whilst learning so very much from an expert in branding and advertising.

Dave said that “you’re special… don’t even entertain the thought of giving up!” He is just so BLOODY RIGHT. Your small business journey might be the most stomach-churning ride of your life but WHAT a ride and you are not, under any circumstances, allowed to jump off!

In this episode, we discuss a huge range of topics – from harnessing your creative USP, boldness and bravery in creating products to… well… gold machine guns, girlfriends fashioned out of mop heads and shared love for Curly-Wurlys. Yes, really.