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And Breathe…

Seriously, before you read any further, close your eyes and take a few long, deep breaths… in… and… out…

Did you know that the slower breathing animals such as tortoises live longer?! Breathing is obviously vital to living in a physical sense, but the way that oxygen circulates through our bodies is what makes all our movements as humans possible! Yet we often forget about our breath.

Breath is the common thread that links how we feel in mind and body. Through stress and relaxation, connection to our breath helps us find balance.⁠

On my Instagram stories yesterday I shared a few posts from my lunchtime walk with Harry, something I haven’t managed to do every day but realised is so important. We walked and chatting and watched Mudley revel in the outside time and just… breathed.

Wishing you all big breaths of calm. We’ve got this!

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