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Communication fatigue and how the bl**dy hell I’m coping!

I don’t know about you, but the amount of communication I’m receiving is higher than it’s ever been before! Ironic, seeing as we’re in a ‘lockdown’ scenario.

I’m trying to sort this out. Working out where we should be directing our communication…as in, not everyone using every platform and every WhatApp group with no law and order!

I was fascinated to learn, and it certainly makes sense why I feel the way I do, but notifications send our brain into overdrive, triggering anxiety and stress, and at the very least, hyper-vigilance, which is meant to protect ourselves from predators, not the phone!

Whether you hear it or see it, the alert can trigger a whole host of emotions and those emotions are chemical reactions! The side effects include everything from stress and anxiety to excitement and even feelings of addiction. You know that feeling, where you can’t, not respond! Do not Google this whole topic as I have to write this post – it is a bit scary!

I just read, and can’t believe it, that after a notification which forces you to switch between tasks (respond rather than continue doing what you were doing), it can take about 23 minutes to get back to the task at hand, according to a study from the University of California, Irvine. ‼️23 minutes – fuck!! I think it’s really fair that as we try and help our businesses survive this pandemic, teach our children (as if we are teachers!), keep our homes going and our sanity in check – to tell people how you need to manage your communication. Direct people to the right ‘group’, put an OOO on emails that explain you’ll take longer to respond and generally not feel you have to respond to all incoming texts and calls.

I also believe that having days of digital detoxing is a good way to just help the brain have a day off from it’s texting, posting, and emailing duties! So, today I’m going to take a day off my phone and all it AMAZINGLY. This photo is by the amazing Jessica Dance Maker.

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