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An open letter to British shoppers…

Dear British shoppers,

I write this letter today with huge thanks, but mostly with a call to arms #CampaignShopIndependent

I’ll begin by saying thank you, for supporting your local high street shops and online small businesses throughout lockdown. It’s been so exciting to see the appreciation of independents grow. The innovation many of them have responded with has been incredible, as I knew it would be.

I closely follow this with a plea; now you’re doing it, please don’t stop!

These brilliant businesses have always been there and now you’ve found them, you must continue to support and champion them. As non-essential shops in your towns begin to reopen, I guarantee you that the people standing behind the doors of independent shops will be waiting with bated breath, eager to see how their business can function with the new social distancing measures in place. Measures they’ve agonised over and painstakingly finalised, all the while having the safety of their staff and customers at the absolute forefront of each decision. If they have remained closed, I guarantee it would have felt like losing a piece of themselves.

These brands, offline and online, are someone’s dreams – their entire life – they live and breathe it! 

So I ask that you remember who was there for you when you needed them most. Whether convenience over conscience still seems like the right choice? Whether genuine connection and community holds more value for you now? You must ask yourself if you would miss that corner shop that kept your cupboards stocked and always welcomed you with a smile when things were scary? You must ask yourself who brought joy to your front door when the outside world felt a little bleak? And now ask yourself what would the world look like without these magic brands bringing colour to our grey.

I hope this ‘great pause’ has woken us up. That we’ll continue to be more conscious consumers and that we’ll support our local traders and our small businesses, who are the backbone of this country. That you choose small, over big.

So on Monday, I implore you to show your support to your local independents as they throw open their doors, with anticipation. Be kind, be supportive, embrace your community and just, show you care. 

Never forget, they need you. It’s not easy to make a small business work nor make a living out of it, but can you only imagine what life would be without the heart of our communities or the creativity in our lives?

Let’s back small, always. 

Join me, the Holly & Co team and the small business community as we continue our fight for #CampaignShopIndependent

With love,

Holly Tucker MBE