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Independent hotspots in the UK – did someone say ‘staycation’?

Have you ever seen one of those scratch off maps of the world? I was looking at one the other day and thought to myself how crazy it is that the UK is scratched of in one go if you’ve visited just one place. Does two days in London really warrant a big tick next to the entire UK?! So I thought, how much of the UK have I seen and where haven’t I discovered yet? Whilst I’ve been lucky to visit lots of amazing locations when touring the best Independents the UK has to offer, there’s still so many more places I want to go!

I’ve pulled together a list of some of my favourite spots with vibrant Independent food and retail scenes to help inspire your summer staycations.


If there’s one thing we do well in the UK it’s a historic market town and Frome definitely delivers! With door after door of incredible independent retailers, this is top of the list for those wanting a bit of everything – from retail and creativity to history and culture.


On our trip to Edinburgh last year for Conversations of Inspiration LIVE with Charlie Gladstone, I was in my absolute element touring the small businesses that line the beautiful streets! It has a bit of everything and works for the entire family.


The cafes and sweet treats are something to write home about when you visit Harrogate! From the iconic Betty’s Tea Room to the bright and bold Doe donuts, there is A LOT of yummy spots to stop. The surrounding area is stunning too and well worth a trip.


This area holds a special place in my heart, as we’ve been visiting for many years! When we think of the beach it’s not the white sand, palm dotted ones many associate with a holiday, but as with many British seaside’s it holds a certain kind of charm that you won’t find anywhere else!

There are so many others to explore – Manchester’s sprawling streets, Bristol’s creative scene, beautiful Lewes, Hastings, Bath… the list goes on! I’d love to know your favourite UK staycation spot! Come join me on Instagram and let me know where I need to go next.

And don’t forget the joy of a more literal staycation, in your own home! Along with the rest of the country, I’ll be giving my garden some much needed TLC and creating a tranquil place to enjoy 4pm cocktails with Frank and Harry. ‘Holiday mode’ really is a mindset and if you can tap into it you’ll be surprised by how much it changes your perspective of a familiar place!