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Working from Home Tips

One of the biggest changes in our lives has occurred and the nation has been sent home to work! And boy, it’s been a steep learning curve! Throw in the whole family and the kids and what could go wrong?! Home-working will be our new norm soon, but for now, a few tips to help us all find our way.

Create a new normal:

  • Create a new routine, your new normal day
  • Set yourself work hours and stick by them
  • Make sure you get dressed out of those pjs!
  • Switch off to anything distracting especially the news, pop some happy playlists on instead
  • If you have a team agree a work day schedule, and start the day with a virtual meeting

Arrange a calm and pleasing desk space:

  • Tidy desk, tidy mind has never been more true, make yourself a ‘desk sanctuary’
  • Make sure you create an area for yourself and set it out as a ‘work area’
  • Pop some fresh flowers, a nice plant or even a nice card, a candle something to make you happy or smile throughout the day

If you are home-schooling…

  • First of all – you are not a trained homeschooler, don’t be hard on yourself, these are exceptional circumstances. Be Kind.
  • Help your minis to write a class schedule for the day, ask them to write it up and  include lots of breaks & snack time!
  • Make sure you do something bonding together such as baking, watching a movie, or just having a cuddle.

No excuses, just do your admin…!

  • See this time as a gift – you have no excuse now not to do all those tasks that have been on your ‘to do’ list
  • Make a schedule of at least one task you will complete that day, write lists, post it’s or a master plan – your future self with thank you for it

Keep your cup full:

  • You can’t pour from an empty cup, make sure you keep yours full, that small thing that keeps you calm and refreshed
  • Fresh air, walks and exercise
  • Pet breaks! Furry cuddles are necessary
  • Nice snacks & comfortable clothes
  • A relaxing bath, putting on a nice hand cream, or reading a chapter of your book

Tools that may help you:

  • Trello or Monday for project management for creating tasks, lists and the satisfying ability to tick off things!
  • Slack or google chat for team messaging
  • Google Hangouts, Zoom or House Party for live meetings or video chats

We will see that society will change forever following this challenging times. The chances are, you’ll work from home more than you ever did before Corona. So don’t look at this as something short-term. Soon, things will calm down and your home desk will be the ‘norm’.

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