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How are you surviving… what are your new rituals?

I hope this made you smile and you thought….YES…that seems very familiar! Because that’s exactly what I’d hoped would happen when I asked dear Veronica Dearly to create something for this community that sums up the wonderful upside-down world we’re all in.⁠

I don’t feel I’ve ever been as connected to one team more than I do now! And I’m sure they feel the same when it comes to my round face on one of their devices! What makes me laugh is that it doesn’t matter what time of day it is, someone will be eating!

I shared my new found treat with the team yesterday (I’m trying to be good!) of only 2 Pringles at 5.30 each day! Of course, I’m eating brekkie, lunch, supper and a tea-time snack… but I need something to say, ‘well done Holly’ as I come up to the end of the day!⁠

Please, please share your funny habits and rituals with me on my Instagram that you’ve got into as small businesses and founders! I know it will really raise a smile and that is really needed right now.

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