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How can I help you, now and on ‘the other side’ – tell me!

I have woken up this morning, with the clearest of thoughts…and not just because the wonderful @jadefishercardco beautifully captured my spirit (you are brilliant Jade and thank you!)… that I need to take everything I am about to the next level.⁠

I think I have, through SME: SOS but I have to keep going…⁠ If you could only see inside my head – I have so many plans to explode the status quo and bring (hopefully) such colour to your lives.⁠

I’d love you to email me with all you wish me to create! What do you need, what can I help with? The silliest of ideas (NO such thing as a silly idea – remember that!) very welcome. What could I go to the Government with? Do you have a shop? What things have I brought to you through SME: SOS that you want me to carry on – on the ‘other side’?⁠

Take your megaphone and tell me!
As ever, please share SME: SOS with any small businesses you know, so we can reach and help as many as possible through this difficult time! Join me everyday on Instagram for my Daily Bulletin and to access SME: SOS resources and community, please head to @hollytucker for all the latest information and follow the conversation with #SMESOS