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How I try to support my employees and their families…!

As a work-family, I feel like now, more than ever it is absolutely VITAL I help my employees to support their families and I am sure you all feel the same.⁠

It’s tough though, as having to be a teacher, mother, and worker all at the same time… is basically impossible. And we as parents who are also bosses need to empathise. For me, it is all about trust and communication.⁠

My team wants to work and they know that their children are very important to me, so I am pleased they can tell me when it is too much, or that the kids need to sit in on a meeting.⁠

But I’ve also heard tales of businesses not being as kind as they should to parents. And I think that is something we will all remember. The brands that treated their employees well and those who didn’t.⁠

I know some of you have teams and I’d love to know what you are doing – any tips you can pass on to the rest of us?⁠ Thank you too to Lauren Currie and Scriberian for capturing so many great ideas. It’s brilliant and so needed.

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