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IGTV – A Very Different Friday

Gosh, it’s somehow Friday already. It doesn’t quite have the same ‘Friday feeling’ vibe today, does it? But, as promised, I’m back with another #SMESOS update, to share the latest news and information with you. You can watch it here on my IGTV Channel, as I thought today, I would share what I have learnt and hopefully, it will help you all.

Now I know that we have the huge news that schools across the UK will be closing and I know this will impact so many of you, as it does many of my dear team and myself. We are working behind the scenes to help support you – and the kids – through this, stay tuned!

Boris Johnson said he is confident the UK can “turn the tide” of the virus in the next 12 weeks, as long as everyone follows the government advice carefully and stays updated with the latest recommendations.

These new social distancing measures are having a huge impact on the high street. Bars, restaurants, cafes and pubs, who generally generate most of their income from their physical spaces and aren’t set up in a way that translates to online are especially suffering. But I have been totally blown away by how they are innovating! 

Keep creating, keep pulling together and stay connected through the magic of tech.

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