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IGTV – Milestone moments

As I took a moment this morning to celebrate the sunshine and the warmth on my face, I started to think about how and why I celebrate the milestone moments of my business. We even have a ship’s bell in the office that we ring whenever something good happens!

So today I’m going to talk to you about milestone moments! What these milestones might be and why they’re just so important. Mark those bigger milestones and try to enjoy the journey – I’m one that believes in celebrating every tiny step. No matter how small – whether it’s finding a supplier that gets you, celebrating FINALLY getting that domain you wished for, or even that first order. Small victories are what it takes to drive success.

I know that without acknowledgment, celebration and gratitude we lose our sense of joy.

Celebrating gives us the motivation to power forward and you may not realise it just yet, but you’ve already reached many milestones in your life and have so many more exciting ones to come. I promise.


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