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IGTV – Roadmap out of lockdown

My bulletin today cover’s the government’s roadmap for easing lockdown and I’ve focused on the sections that are most relevant to YOU. These are; where we are now, the government’s 3 step plan to easing lockdown and the differences in Wales, Scotland, and Northern Ireland.

Please don’t forget that I know that this phase of communication from the powers that be, has not gone down as well as others they should have been more open with us and been braver, but know this is just my opinion and as yet we can not afford to not start to reboot the country. Don’t forget that this is not a short-term crisis and there is no easy or quick solution…but what I do know, is you have crazily brilliant brains and you should take the power back if you are feeling powerless.

We need to get things moving, and yet it’s not one size fits all solution at this stage – as much as we want it to be. But I for one, know I’m not an expert and have to think it is a pretty impossible task that they are dealing with. Let’s all be the entrepreneurs that we need to be and take matters and the power into our own hands!



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