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IGTV – Ways to support small!

Now we all know I LOVE ‘niche’, so from me to you…HAPPY WORLD STATIONERY DAY… quite possibly the best celebration ever?? My Business Bulletin today is all about supporting small; we know that local shops are keeping this country moving and now more than ever is it vital to vote with your money!

Every day we spend is a vote for the kind of world we want to live in… based on where and how we spend our money. If we don’t we make conscious decisions I worry that will all slip and sleepwalk into totally grey High Street; a monotonous online offer dominated by the likes of Amazon. I for one cannot think of anything worse. An example of ingenuity – I absolutely love the signs small businesses and newsagents have started to display – my current favourite local to me is “Please bear with us, we’ve never been this popular before and hope that it continues!” This total honesty is a brilliant way of bringing these new customers on your journey with you!

What top tips have worked for your small businesses? Do you now offer gift cards or local deliveries? What brilliant initiatives have you seen in the small business community? Share them with me at or over on Instagram, or in the NEW Co-mmunity Facebook group!

As ever, please share SME: SOS with any small businesses you know, so we can reach and help as many as possible through this difficult time! Join me everyday on Instagram for my Daily Bulletin and to access SME: SOS resources and community, please head to @hollytucker for all the latest information and follow the conversation with #SMESOS


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