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IGTV – The Doughnut Technique

Hello everyone!! I so hope you are finding these videos useful, I am really enjoying doing them and managing to keep chatting with you all, whilst we are at home.

I actually feel like I’ve talked to you all more than ever this past week and it’s been really amazing and lovely. My heart is full.

You might have seen on my Instagram that it’s my birthday coming up and I was thinking back to last year and happier times and realised we’re likely all struggling with some challenging thoughts at the moment. I remembered a great technique I had discussed with the team not long ago called ‘the doughnut technique’.

Unfortunately it doesn’t involve eating the sugary treats but it is very helpful, watch the video to find out more!

I’ve also been trying my best to appreciate this enforced downtime, and find the positives within it. I mean, when do you EVER have time like this?! I know I don’t and my 4pm cup of tea in the garden was a shock to the system but is becoming something I look forward to all day!

We’re being forced to slow down, to embrace boredom – anyone else finding that children don’t know how to be bored?! Please watch and share this video and SME: SOS with all small businesses you know, myself and the team at Holly & Co are doing all we can to support and inspire you through this difficult time.

SME: SOS is a free resource to help support and inspire small businesses through this difficult time. To access SME: SOS resources and community, please head to @hollytucker for all the latest information and follow the conversation with #SMESOS


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