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I’m certainly taking on some lessons right now and making some hard choices.

I’m certainly taking on some lessons right now and making some hard choices. Realising thanks to this ‘pause’  (but if the truth be told, I’ve been feeling like I needed to take care of my mental health since mid last year) that I needed to wake up to my own mental health and not just look out for others.⁠

I’m an ox and always have been. Hurricane Holly is my name and so it’s easy for all to think that I can grin, bear and swallow. But I’ve realised the time has come to start allocating my energy into only the ‘light’ – so that I can refuel my soul.⁠

What I mean, is that I’m going to take this experience and for the first time, admit to myself, that I need to start to care more for what I absorb. So that when I expel and put out to others, it’s genuine energy and light ? rather than coming from a tank deeply empty on the inside.⁠

And I think it’s taken the worry for the world, our family and health to slap me in the face and just wake me up, to the preciousness of not only life but the fragility of our mental happiness.⁠

This is a period of time, never experienced in our lifetime and it’s the opportunity to reset the things that have been going wrong in the past. We can’t control the future or others. But we can control ourselves, today and what we wish to spend energy on.⁠

It’s not selfish, it’s looking after your mental health. It’s looking after you, so you can care for those you love and what you love to do.⁠

Have you asked yourself, what you need to reset? What you should be brave enough to tackle? Why will you be proud of yourself, when you look back at this period? Are you happy? Do you look after your mental wellbeing as much as you should or could?

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