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Interviews with The Experts #12 Petra Barran

Holly catches up with Petra Barran, founder of Kerb Food, on how the hospitality industry is coping during the Covid-19 crisis. Petra’s main advice, put so brilliantly, was to ‘get swively’ – swiveling your business to adapt and survive in new climates.

In their chat Holly and Petra discuss how this time is a rebirth of businesses – a reminder of what it was like to start a business that will test our mettle as the entrepreneurs we are meant to be. Holly asked Petra, if now could be a good time to take the leap and set up a food business? Petra said “what have we got to lose right now? Start a food business if you can! Everyone is having to start from scratch right now. We’re all on the starting line. Now is a greater time than ever”.

Brilliant advice and reassuring words from the queen of indie food brands!