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Interviews with The Experts #14 Claire Russell, founder of Play Hooray

Holly chats to Claire Russell, founder of Play Hooray, a play coach for parents. Covering everything from the emotional toll of suddenly having kids at home 24/7 to practical tips to keep them entertained and help them develop and grow during this time. Not just academically, but as humans.

Claire started with a message to all parents, to STOP beating themselves up right now! Take it one small part at a time and remember that your kids already think you’re the hero – they don’t compare you to anyone else, so you shouldn’t either. Start the day by discussing what you’re going to do for the day and involve them in that planning.

Holly and Claire discuss the importance of empowering children to beat boredom, and what ‘bored’ really means. Because the word bored just means they’re not being stimulated by something, and that’s okay! That’s when they find their hobbies, and that’s when they find their diamonds. We all know it’s those moments that we least expect it, when we find out potentially the wonderfulness about ourselves!