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Keeping it real as you reopen whilst abiding by the rules

This week the Government outlined their plans to rebuild the UK’s economy but as cafes, restaurants and other hospitality venues begin to reopen from July 4th, I wanted to remind you that YOU’RE helping rebuild the economy! Whether you’re reopening your door or going to your local pub, YOU are helping get the economy moving again.

And these businesses, that are so intrinsically linked to human interaction, will need to be extra clever to find the best way to bring their magic to their customers whilst social distancing remains in place. It’s been a huge focus for the team and I as we prepare to open our own cafe doors again (we’ve learnt a lot from our takeaway service over the past few weeks too!), so I wanted to share some tips to keep things light, fun and human whilst still ticking the boxes to ensure your business is Covid-19 secure.


Fun and informative signage

Yes you do need to ask people to remain distanced, hand sanitize when entering and use contactless payment when possible – but there’s no rule to say how you ask them to do so! Get creative by making your own signs and stickers, or support your fellow small businesses that have created products to help you manage it. Such as this embroidered hand washing print, bespoke window art or these free downloadable posters by Totally Locally. And don’t forget we’ve got a selection of stickers and independent products available online too!


Tell people you’re back!

Social media was already a brilliant tool for businesses but during the pandemic it has seen users increase drastically and it’s a vital channel to communicate with your customers! Many people use Instagram as their first port of call when looking to find out if their favourite shop is open and what they are currently offering. So make sure you’re posting regular updates, use stories to show behind the scenes ‘realness’ of running a business right now and have your opening hours, plus and restrictions due to social distancing, clearly stated and saved in an informative highlight reel.


Get your team excited

This weekend will see many business owners welcoming back team members after long periods of furlough and being apart. Whilst most will be glad to be returning to some level of normality, it’s important to remember that everyone has had a different experience over the past 100+ days and we are still living through a pandemic! Take care to make them feel valued and excited to be back. We’ve given the Holly & Co Work/Shop a shiny makeover ready to reopen and have had beautiful name badges created for each team member, plus new fun aprons and other exciting newness to make their return even more special!

Wishing you all the luck in the world and reminding you that being a small business is not an easy journey, but it is so very worth it, to do what you love.