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Let’s clap for those that truly need it – our NHS

This Thursday, at 8 pm, I want to ask you all to join me, and hopefully the whole of the UK, in this act of thanks.

Acknowledging our appreciation for those on the front line in the NHS. Whether you’re alone, with your family or clapping in union with the neighbours that surround you – CLAP, CLAP, WOOP and CHEER!

Don’t feel silly, or that no one will hear you. That’s not the point. It’s to know that, all around the country, at that very moment, we’ll all be acting as one. A community, together in a time of uncertainty, giving thanks to those who are putting their lives on the line, to save ours.

Grab a glass of wine, hot choc for the kids, and quite simply, clap. Clap to be connected and to feel the power of our country, working together as one, to get through this. Share it on social, send videos to your family and friends, connect with them and share in being together, whilst apart.

This artwork was created for us by the dear, rather brilliant Rosie Johnson Illustrates – the creative community is truly doing what it does best right now!

Capturing feelings and emotions and expressing them in the most beautiful ways. Share away, tag me in and we will clap together as the UK’s small business community!