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Never have I felt more connected

Never have I felt more connected with this group of incredible beings or been prouder.

The stories I’m hearing of how you are ‘fighting’ for your businesses is utterly humbling. Doing everything you can, changing things up and swapping things out is totally bloody fantastic. Looking at things differently and stepping straight out of comfort zones, into the greatest unknown we have all faced.

Coming together as a collective of founders, travelling the same path. Virtually holding hands and navigating these uncertain times.

If you feel alone, please don’t.

We are all here for you and each other. None of us, none of us, are finding this easy and although some are trading well, some have had to close doors on the high street, some are having to frantically build opportunity, we are a collective of people. A community. Don’t forget that and reach out – connect, comfort and collaborate.

Thank you dearest Sketchy Mama for beautifully catching the moment, this small business community came together, more than ever before. I picture myself right at the front of this illustration, I have your back.

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