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IGTV – Niche is the new black

I have felt a wonderful shift today… I can see that the world’s changing, we can all feel it. I’m even seeing a movement in these little squares and I’m noticing we all want to follow those who inspire, who give back or who have the knowledge to share and support – those who make the world a brighter place!

In my heart, I have always felt that we should support those that lift others up, those that give you wind beneath your colourful wings. In my Business Bulletin today I’m talking about how:

  • We’re all content creators
  • Niche is the new black
  • Why I love ‘inspirators’ not influencers
  • And I’ll be sharing a VERY exciting announcement from NatWest!

Yesterday it was announced that we’ll be on lockdown until at least 7th May and as we spend more time at home we’re seeing a surge in Instagram stories, lives and posts as we all find new ways to keep connected whilst we’re apart. I for one so lean on this connection as for me it’s a way to chat, virtual hug and love from afar!

As ever, please share SME: SOS with any small businesses you know, so we can reach and help as many as possible through this difficult time! Join me everyday on Instagram for my Daily Bulletin and to access SME: SOS resources and community, please head to @hollytucker for all the latest information and follow the conversation with #SMESOS



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