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Oh great – the guilt’s setting in

Is this going to be the moment, we are able to rewire the parental guilt we seem to be cursed with? Will this dark time, teach us something, we’ve all needed to understand for a long time?⁠

We’re going to mess this up, right in front of them – cry when we’re not meant to… have businesses nightmares before their very eyes, allow FAR too much TV, eat crisps and more crisps, miss teacher hangouts, watch mummy and daddy fall out, witness house turning into a pigsty and so on. We’re going to show our vulnerability, because we will be living ‘one life’ in front of them.⁠

And guess what… you will watch them grow stronger. Become closer to you as a person (not just a parent). We will all connect on a level that we’d never have gotten to, without this moment of madness. But mostly, we’ll also notice – that they’re MORE than okay. And if they aren’t, then this is the moment to do something about it. Plan the future (with a bit of headspace) so you actually do something proactive in erasing the guilt, for your post-Coronavirus self.⁠

But really, use this time, to understand why you feel the guilt and do something about it. Is it because you are never with them, and now you will be ‘very’ there for them. Understand – really – is this better? Do they need you this much? What are they missing by not being out there in their everyday life? 

Can you come out of this, a different person? But really? I know that’s what I’m planning. That this time of reflection, will not be lost on me. I do hope it isn’t for you.

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