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Our Work/Shop – a modern-day ‘citizen’s advice’

The Work/Shop may be physically shut, but we’re still cheerleading the small business community! We’re virtually here for you always, but especially now, as we navigate this bloody topsy-turvey world together.

And our window is showing it! With our SME: SOS logo proudly displayed for anyone who passes to see… although we hope it won’t be too many – essential trips only and all that!⁠

We think we look a bit like the modern-day ‘citizen’s advice’! Dedicated to supporting, empowering and inspiring small businesses!⁠

As you know I live and breathe ‘independent’ business, so it makes me so sad to see the high street looking so closed. I wanted to still use our window as a way to communicate our mission to the world and to bring some life to the empty streets of St Margarets.

It got me thinking, how can we all use our windows, literal or virtual, to keep communicating with the world? Or to show our creativity, bringing a smile to someones face?⁠

I’ve been seeing lots and lots of rainbows on my daily walk, and here on Instagram, and this week have spied the teddy bears too (for people on a teddy bear hunt)! It just makes me feel son connected to the creative community, even from afar.

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