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As we all panicked about the amounts of rice, pasta and chickpeas (!) in our cupboards, unknown to ourselves, we had cans and cans of resilience hidden at the back of our shelves.⁠

Only a month or so ago, if someone had turned around and told you that your entire life would be turned upside down, but not only that, your business would be put into a stress position  and made to hold that pose for the foreseeable future – you just wouldn’t have believed it! Not only would you have laughed nervously, but the reality is – you couldn’t have even processed what that actually meant.⁠

What we’re all going through is history and no one knows what the end of this story will be, or even, will there be an ‘end’ for the foreseeable future?⁠

So for now, like Popeye, rely on your cans of resilience and know we’re built to fight, to survive, to hustle, to change, to morph and generally to navigate to brighter times.⁠

Thank you, dear, Paper Joy UK for the brilliant ability to download this amazing design and for us all to be able to stock resilience in our cupboards!

As ever, please share SME: SOS with any small businesses you know, so we can reach and help as many as possible through this difficult time! Join me everyday on Instagram for my Daily Bulletin and to access SME: SOS resources and community, please head to @hollytucker for all the latest information and follow the conversation with #SMESOS