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Why we should all continue to shop small long after this

This picture was taken a little while before lockdown and outside my local, favourite and lovely butchers, proudly stood (might of had quite a few odd looks!) with my Modo Creative board in my arms, silently protesting to all who walked past!

And on that morning, where this all got serious, I remember my tremors of fear were for three things, in quick succession – for my family, for my businesses and for (my) small business community. How were any of us going to get through this?

So you can imagine, it was music to my ears when I read a recent report that stated since the coronavirus hit the UK customers are increasingly choosing local newsagents and smaller shops – FINALLY…!!! Those on the high street and all who are at home operating their small business are helping our nation function right now- from the local baker that will still deliver bread, to the mini-maker who helped you send that much-needed pick-me-up or even the indie card illustrator that SAVED your bacon when you suddenly remembered your aunty’s birthday – we are relying more and more on small.

I will continue to #campaignshopindependent all year round, pandemic or not because really it isn’t just shopping. It’s connection. It’s humanity. It’s community… and most of all – it’s love I’d love to hear your experiences where you’d have normally relied on, or chosen ‘big’ in your daily life, but now you’ve been helped by ‘small’? Would you go back, on the other side? #alwaysshopsmall #SMESOS #smallbusinessalways