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The small business chameleon super power!

Every big business goes through periods where they wish they were able to adapt as quickly as they did when they started. They spend huge budgets to hire consultants, to work out how they can get back to their roots, be more entrepreneurial, get faster, focus on what matters, cut the bureaucracy and so on. And some businesses had to get big, to make what they did work. But some just grew ‘fat’ and they blotted as they thought that getting bigger, would help things. News Flash – it doesn’t.⁠

I love these little chameleons from @nordborinterior as they remind me of the superpower in being able to adapt quickly. Change your make up depending on your environment. And I think we all should have one of these little guys, on our desks to remind ourselves that we can, and should, adapt.⁠

Just because you do one thing today, doesn’t mean, if it feels right and there’s an opportunity, that you can’t test something totally new tomorrow! You don’t have to be ‘just one thing’ and I think we suffer from the need to compartmentalise ourselves. You were born with many talents, you have lots of ideas and right now – you need to be flexible. See what you can be ‘today’ that’s current, that meets customers’ needs and societal change.⁠

Keep your eyes peeled and your mind open. Change and adapt. Pivot and move quickly. Fail lots and learn fast and well, just keeping changing and adapting. Be a proud chameleon!

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