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Small Businesses are the lifeblood of Britain

We are indeed a nation of shopkeepers – aren’t we?! This country is made up of the most wonderful independently spirited small businesses that line the streets of our towns and cities. These small businesses are the lifeblood of Britain and they’re going through one of the most difficult times of their lives.

I do hope the forced closure of the independent shops that bring colour to our grey high streets might help local communities realise what we have on our doorsteps. Never to be ignored again.

The response from the small business community, to the climate we’re in, has been creatively powerful and positive beyond compare. A much-needed outlet to express how they feel in the current climate; a window into their business & lives, hammering home how much the two combine; their business is their life, as much as their life is their business.

Again I want to remind all of us how we can support small businesses (even if you are one!) Because they have the passion and grit to survive this, they just need us to bring the love and support – here’s how:

  1. Think small, first and foremost, whenever possible – gifts, flowers, veg, food, all of it! Physical shops – give them a call to see how you can support.
  2. Online shops are posting as normal – shop with them! They wish you’d get to know them and they need you to search them out. No small business has suddenly found huge advertising budgets!
  3. Follow them on social, like and share their posts with everyone you know.
  4. Send them a message, write a review – show your support. Kind words mean so much at times like these.
  5. Buy a voucher! Give yourself or someone else something to look forward to when we are allowed out again! Buy a meal for the future. Your hair cut, book it now and pay for it – you know what I’m getting at.

This wonderful card, created exclusively for Holly & Co by the incredible Katy Pillinger Designs – available to purchase now – we are still posting every day!

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