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Social Distancing or Self-Isolation?

I have found that it really hit home how different life will be, whilst we all adjust to ‘social distancing’ amongst this new climate. Whilst I know my team pretty well, there was still so much to see and learn and I thought how crazy this is going to be for some companies that are not a work-family, as we are at Holly & Co.

Making sure I keep in touch with all my friends – one of them got in touch asking me, to ask you, for help – he is a Doctor within the NHS. It really hit me, and even though we as a family are being strict (doing our bit), we know others who aren’t. Not because they are trying to be careless, but they love their loved ones. 

So I thought I would take a snippet from my friend’s advice and share. He has asked that you please help the doctors and nurses by following the Government Advice STRICTLY by isolating yourselves with your immediate family from NOW. This means that you DO NOT socialise with anyone else, even other family members, and especially the elderly. 

This has been reiterated several times on TV, the radio, the press and in community texts, but there are still people out there who think that they are an exception to the rule and continue to go out and about. Shop quickly and go home directly. 

I know that isolation will be a lonely experience, and that is scary, but it is the only way to stop the virus from spreading and ultimately save lives. The NHS DO NOT have enough beds, equipment or doctors to cope with the number of people coming in.

He is working 20 hours a day, the NHS as ever is giving everything and can’t do more. But asked US to do more. 

Social distancing is hard, but please, do your bit. Keep safe and protect those who need it most. This is for now, not forever. 

The sooner we beat this, the sooner we get back to our loved ones.

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