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Stay home, stay safe

We’ve now been told, that the time has come, for us to do more. “You must stay at home”…

There’s not much to say at this point, as I’m sure we’re all in shock how real this has now got. Even the least anxious people are feeling worried right now. Worried about what the future holds. Nervous about our families, work and making a living. But at least we now know, and we can start the countdown, to the other side.

I just wanted to say one thing at this time of uncertainty. Do remember that everyone here, reading this post, is with you. You’re not alone.

Actually, you’re the MOST ‘not alone’ you’ve ever been, in your life. This is the time, where you will feel more love, more compassion, more communication, more empathy than you’ve ever felt before. Reach out. Share. Stay connected.

Thank you to ALL at the NHS, who while we’re on lockdown, you’ve been locked out, to save us all. So take a deep breath and know deep down, the sun will rise and we’re together until we get to the other side.

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