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Royal Mail is 504 years old! Thank you to our posties!

It’s actually quite amazing to think that the Royal Mail has made it through two world wars and has now been around for 504 years! What has this service not seen? And it’s at times like this, where you can feel as if we’re at war with an enemy that’s trying to stop our normal lives, that we feel so very grateful for a service that keeps this nation ticking over. An institution that maintains some normality for us all, allowing us to send and receive love.

I for one, not only am honoured to be working with Royal Mail, but I know that this entire community couldn’t be more grateful for every single man and woman, on the frontline, who is helping our small businesses literally, stay alive.

If you see your postie today… offer tea, chocolate, a distant air hug and say a HUGE thank you, from us to them.


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