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What does ‘mentor’ mean to you?

I get asked almost every day about mentorship – from ‘can I be one’ to ‘do you really need them’ and ‘where do you find them’?! It’s a topic I find so interesting and I love to speak about it, because I think we are all surrounded by the best mentors we could ask for – our peers! Yet so few recognise this amazing resource available to them.

Over the years I’ve revelled in the magic of passing on that piece of advice that has stuck with you, and sharing it with another on their journey. So here are some of my most valuable lessons I have learnt, directly or indirectly, (intentionally or unintentionally), from those I consider to be my mentors – from my family to my business idols.


Cash is queen, from my dear Dad

With a finance whizz for a father, this one has been hammered into me from day one! Knowing your finances is the key to success, without it you could have the best idea in the world and not get it off the ground.

Hire on personality, from Richard Branson

Because ‘it’s always better to have a hole than an asshole’! I cannot stress this more and it’s something I’ve put into practice at Holly & Co to ensure our small but mighty team is as harmonious as it can be.

On choosing a co-founder, from Tom Teichman

Tom was one of the first investors in NOTHS and is co-founder of The Garage Soho. He says to ask yourself ‘would you be willing to walk down the business aisle with them?’ when choosing a co-founder.

Quality over quantity, from Sophie Cornish

My first boss and co-founder of NOTHS Sophie wisely said to me when Harry was little ‘don’t feel guilt about missing time with the children – it’s quality time over quantity’. It might be a parenting cliche but I can tell you know, with a 15 year old, that it is so completely and utterly true.

Trust your gut, from my sister Carrie

My sister/guru Carrie has at many times over the years helped me navigate a bumpy road with the reminder that I must trust my gut. Your intuition is always right, remembering that an sticking to it is the hard part!


Take a look at the people that surround you and identify those whose opinion you hold in high regard, the ones you turn to for advice and those who offer it whether you ask them or not (only constructively mind you)! Quite often you’ll find you’re actually surrounded by mentors, you just have to see it through a new lense! 

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