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What is SME: SOS?

I’ve launched SME: SOS as not only a resource to empower small businesses with the latest information and highlight the help available to them, but also as a platform to make sure that you, emotionally, do not feel alone through this tumultuous time.

Holly & Co. will be providing this free network to share ideas and forge new ways of looking at business – I am talking to this community every day, all day and will be feeding back the urgent needs of SMEs to the Government, on what more they can do. But I do believe we, the public, have the power to keep small businesses, the backbone of our country, alive.

We want to find a new way for small businesses to look at their current climate, to encourage thinking outside the box and trying to turn this difficult time into an opportunity. It is imperative that everyone, us the consumers, supports these businesses through imaginative ways, rather than feeling powerless to help. Action must be taken to preserve what brings colour to our everyday lives – small businesses.

SME: SOS is a collection of content, regularly updated as a resource for small businesses to access. From podcasts, and Instagram live videos with experts, blogs and talking to the government and key advisors, as well as central British institutions. SME: SOS will be a reactive resource, free and accessible to all small businesses, with tips and advice as well as building a supportive and proactive community.

With all my love, as ever.

To access SME: SOS resources and community, please head to @hollytucker for all the latest information and follow the conversation with #SMESOS