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What on earth is happening with Business Rates & Grants?

I can imagine that you are all taking a deep breath, after what can only be described as another odd, odd day.

Please know that to support small businesses in any way we can through this challenging time. We are busy, busy, busy reading all your emails, comments and posts – so keep them coming and we will aim to answer all questions and concerns.

In one of the recent Prime Minster’s press conference they focused on what the 10 Downing Street is going to do to support businesses and the economy. Some good things have been announced such as business rates “holidays”, grants and more information on insurance.

But I am going to be breaking this down and sharing as much detail as I can to help you access this support. The reaction from the small business community is understandably fraught with worry, but so incredibly filled with positivity and we’ll be doing our best to help spread the word of your greatness far and wide!

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