themes at our Work/shop

why are themes important?

Each month we champion a different mission and the entire space at the Work/Shop is reimagined. Everything from the decor, to the products and even the cakes and biscuits are brought to life to reflect the wider mission of Holly & Co for that month.

We believe the brands of the future will be immersive. So, as you step through our doors, you are welcomed into the world of Holly & Co. Passionate champions of bringing the theatre of retail back from years gone by, each month our space is reimagined to bring colour and creativity to the high street.

July 2020:


To celebrate fully reopening the Work/ Shop, this month we’ve transformed Holly & Co into a giant THANK YOU for all of the Key Workers who are working tirelessly to keep us safe during Coronavirus.

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March 2020:
Female founders


Supporting, championing and empowering women in business is in our DNA, so for March we dedicated every inch in the Work/Shop to highlighting some of the female founders that inspire us. In today’s economical and political climate, the lack of exposure means we don’t always have the role models we need – so let’s change the landscape.

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February 2020:
DO what you love


Holly & Co strongly believe that doing what you love is key to living a happy fulfilled life, “you have 29,000 days on this planet – do what you love”. Happiness is important for our health and wellbeing, so this should be reflected in your career and journey too.

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Janurary 2020:
Dreamer’s Month


January was all about the power of dreaming and visualisation at Holly & Co. We aimed to change perceptions of dreaming as it really is one of the most powerful tools in the business. As we have seen in our podcast Conversations of Inspiration – just ask any successful entrepreneur how their journey began and it began with a dream!

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December 2019:
Christmas at the Work/Shop


Holly & Co’s Christmas theme last year encompassed true retail theatre – showing that small businesses really do have the freedom and creativity to make spaces anything you desire! From the giant wreath on the window to the tiny trees on the tables, Holly & Co celebrated the Christmas season with small business treats to eat, shop and experience with every visit.

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November 2019:
Campaign Shop Independent


Every year Holly & Co down tools and pick up our placards – to raise awareness of the beauty in being independent; being small. This campaign started in 2017 to showcase how consumers must vote with their money – this theme’s hashtag, #campaignshopindependent, followed the incredible supporters of this fight. Holly & Co produced exclusive artwork from artists and makers for fans to download for free, a product range and championed small business with louder voices than ever!

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