why are themes important?

Each month we champion a different mission and the entire space at the Work/Shop is reimagined. Everything from the decor, to the products and even the cakes and biscuits are brought to life to reflect the wider mission of Holly & Co for that month.

We believe the brands of the future will be immersive. So, as you step through our doors, you are welcomed into the world of Holly & Co. Passionate champions of bringing the theatre of retail back from years gone by, each month our space is reimagined to bring colour and creativity to the high street.

November 2021:
A Colourful Campaign


November’s theme celebrates the colour and creativity that small businesses bring to the UK, but also, what we need to do to keep them. With so many independents at risk of closure in 2022, we really all need to support them this Christmas. And who better to help us spread this message, than the talented ‘purveyors of positive prints’ at RUDE? We’re thrilled that as well as adorning the walls of our Work/Shop, their eye-catching artwork has now gone viral, too.

October 2021:
Small Business Halloween


Naughty spiders. Creepy Jack O’Lanterns. We’ve had all manner of fun decorating for October’s theme which is decidedly spooky in honour of Halloween. And the best bit? We got to work with a mural and window artist that we’ve been in awe of for as long as we can remember — the brilliant Aga Skiba

September 2021:
Back to business


It’s not just the little people who are getting back to it this September. We can all use this precious period to recharge, reset and get back to business. What are your goals? What needs to change for you to truly do what you love? It’s all possible. With the help of The Blackboard Artist (AKA the talented Michael Tilley), we’ve brought some of our values to life to help inspire you to dream big, find your diamond and live a life less ordinary.


July & August 2021:


Encouraging children and young people to embrace their inner creativity and understand that you can be your own boss is one of Holly’s biggest passions and so, throughout the summer we will be doing just that! I’m thrilled to announce that we’re now accepting artwork for the third annual HCO Kids Summer Exhibition. The exhibition is a celebration of children and young people’s creativity and imagination, both important skills for all future founders. 

June 2021:
Campaign Shop Independent


Shopping small isn’t just for Christmas – or a pandemic! So this June is all about our very first Campaign Shop Independent – Summer. Now is the time for us to harness the support for independents that we’ve seen grow over the past year and ensure that it becomes an everyday habit. If every adult in the UK spent £1 a day with small businesses it would add £12billion to local economies.

May 2021:
Do What You Love


Helping everyone to do what they love is one of our core missions at Holly & Co and this May our founder, Holly Tucker, has released her first book, Do What You Love, Love What You Do. It’s no ordinary business book and one look at this month’s colourful theme shows it!

April 2021:


Every April we celebrate something that has been at the heart of Holly & Co since we began – Community. This year it felt more relevant than ever as shops across the country reopened their doors and we invited Alice Pattullo to be our Artist in Residence as we celebrated the myriad of independents and makers in the UK.

March 2021:
Female Founders


Supporting, championing and empowering women in business is in our DNA, so for March we dedicated every inch in the Work/Shop to highlighting some of the female founders that inspire us. In today’s economical and political climate, the lack of exposure means we don’t always have the role models we need – so let’s change the landscape.

February 2021:
Do What You Love


This month at the Work/Shop our theme is all about one of our core missions; helping everyone build a business, doing what they love! Do What You Love month will explore how to find and follow your passion, identify your niche and create a job that you LOVE.

January 2021:


Our first Work/Shop theme of 2021 was all about HOPE, something we all need to hold onto right now. It’s hard not to feel the weight of all that’s going on in the world, but don’t forget the importance of being hopeful! The Holly & Co team is here to cheerlead you and share tools to help everyone, especially small businesses, stay positive.

November & December 2020:
Campaign Shop Independent


Returning for its fourth year, we transformed the Holly & Co Work/Shop into our campaign headquarters. Our walls were adorned with unique flags designed exclusively for the campaign by an amazing selection of artists, encouraging everyone to vote with their money and shop independent.