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Christmas 2019 At The Work/Shop

Christmas arrived in the Holly & Co Work/Shop and it was possibly one of our best yet!

From the giant wreath on the window to the tiny trees on the tables, we had small business treats to eat, shop and experience with every visit.

Retail theatre really is the one thing that independent shops can out-do the big corporations on – we have the freedom and creativity to make our spaces anything we desire and we must capitalise on that! Anything goes – you are the boss!

Instead of trying to compete on price why not set yourself apart by highlighting the other things you offer that they don’t – do you gift wrap beautifully, year-round? Can you trace every stage of production of your products? Do you only sell British made? Do you run workshops or exclusive events for your loyal customers? Is your shop just creative and drop dead gorgeous? There’s so much we can offer if we just think about being independent of a different angle. Because independent shops, independent spaces are run by independent thinkers!