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Campaign Shop Independent 2019

November at Holly & Co is that time of year where everyone downs their other tools and instead pick up their placards! For Holly & Co it is time to raise awareness of the beauty in being an independent; being small.

Holly wants to spend each Christmas season making sure everyone understands the beauty, quality and uniqueness small businesses give us all. That the weeks in front can be the ‘make or break’ period of small businesses very existence. I’ll do my very best to get people to vote with their money. It’s essential everyone takes it seriously – like not having plastic straws, understanding the word feminism, what palm oil is, the battle of mental health – I believe supporting small businesses, the independents, our small shops on the high street – is just as crucial as all these subjects.

So, if you’re reading this as a small business, please share this post with as many small businesses as you know including the hashtag #campaignshopindependent and asking them to follow me. I’m going to be calling on us all, to campaign together. I need you. And as ever, I’ve created exciting ways you can get involved! From exclusive artwork, you can download to an exclusive product range, that brings this campaign to life! We want to have fun as we raise awareness for such a needed campaign.

If you’re someone who loves small businesses, I equally ask you to share, as I’ll be highlighting some of the amazing businesses and what they produce in the hope it reminds you that you have the power with where you spend your money this Christmas. What if this Christmas – you only shopped small?

Some amazing artists donated bespoke campaign artwork – including Rob Ryan, Dave Buonaguidi, Survival Techniques, Oli Fowler and Rebecca Strickson, all available for you to regram, or download from our site, to create your own placards to proudly display on your office wall or in your shop window.