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Cheer Leader Month

We’re living in an age of critics who are quick to put people down ?especially in the world of business. I’ve witnessed it and experienced it. I’ve seen what it does to people and how it feeds that already unhelpful impostor syndrome.
I hear it all the time, when someone says “I’m starting a business” the first thing to come out of people’s mouths… “Have you got a business plan?” Or “ It’s so hard to start a business! Did you know 30% ?of small businesses fail in the first year?” Or if you have a business, the lack of understanding from others about the rollercoaster? it really is. Maybe there are no solutions, but just a sympathetic ear that can help. People can be too quick to encourage giving up!

I blame all these ‘business formats’ like Dragons Den and the Apprentice, quick to put someone down, quick to find holes ?in business plans and dreams✨?Well I’m here to shake things up a bit, with my glittery pom poms!

I’m here to be a ‘CHEER-LEADER’ ?in business. Here at the sidelines, to encourage, support, cheer you on and be your #1 fan! ?? I want to help give everyone the courage to start a business, give them the love ?and support they need to be exactly who they are. Build them up to follow their dreams ?and support their journey to ultimately being successful.

I fundamentally believe that leadership is not about being in charge, or the title you are given by a job. It’s about encouraging, supporting and cheering those on, who are in your charge. Being someone’s Cheer Leader! ✨ ?

Let’s cheer on those around you today, wave your pom poms, send that text ?encourage a friend – be that energy or support someone needs! And why you’re doing that, we’ll dedicate our next shop theme change to the mission! Do come and see for yourself if you’re in the area. It’s sure you’ll enjoy the Pom Pom cake ? and the experience will be encouraging!