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The ‘Co’ in Holly & Co has always stood for many things; connection, collaboration, coffee (!) but, most importantly, community. Which is why, this April, as lockdown eases and the high street reopens, we’re celebrating all things community! Because if there ever was a time where your local customers have become your community, it’s now.

And we’re thrilled to welcome our latest Artist in Residence, Alice Pattullo. We first worked with Alice when we opened the Holly & Co deli in 2019 where she designed our iconic Buy Local, Eat Seasonal, Support Independents tote bag and created bespoke tiles depicting the myriad of independents and makers in the UK – from vintners to embroiderers.

For Alice’s Work/Shop takeover, she has expanded on those tiles created for the deli and designed an exclusive print featuring over 80 independent professions – from the more well known such as bakers, tailors and florists to the fantastically niche milliners, stained glass artists and taxidermists. We’ve turned this artwork into a giant walled tile to highlight the magical people that bring creativity and innovation to the British economy, by being bold enough to pursue their dream. You can get your copy of Alice’s exclusive print here!

We know what it’s like to be a shopkeeper in 2021 and we truly believe that local high streets should be the heart of the community as they once were, and that now is the time to reclaim this! If you’re a small business owner, this month we’ll be sharing so many opportunities for you to get involved in community month. From stories takeovers and IG lives to social campaigns and competitions, make sure you’re following Holly on Instagram @hollytucker to get the latest info.

The first of those opportunities is our #ANationOfShopkeepers social campaign, which launched this week! To help generate a buzz on fill our Instagram feeds with small businesses during the first week of reopening, #ANationOfShopkeepers is a social media challenge to help shopkeepers share the story behind their shelves and shops! We’ve created a prompt for every day this week. To take part, all you have to do is share a photo on Instagram inspired by that prompt using #ANationOfShopkeepers and tag Holly @Holly.Co in the pics so we can see, and more importantly, share them. You can find out more about all the daily prompts here.

And don’t forget to join the Holly & Co Facebook Community group, which turns one this month and now has over 4k members!