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Dreamers month returned to the Work/Shop – to celebrate the power of dreaming and visualisation.

Dreaming has a bad rap – daydreaming is implied negatively, and having your head in your clouds and dreaming big is pegged as unrealistic.

Well, Dreamers month was made to change your perception of dreaming because it really is one of the most powerful tools in the business.  If you ask any successful entrepreneur how their journey began, they’ll have numerous stories of people who didn’t believe in their idea from day one – whether it was their parents, bank manager or the colleagues they eventually left behind when their idea took off!

Sahar Hashemi was turned down by 39 bank managers before one said yes, and the Coffee Republic was born. Holly decided to build a tech/retail company having never worked in either – and Notonthehighstreet will turn 14 this year, helping over 5000 Partners do what they love and make a living from it.