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HOPE theme


We’re (H)OPEN!

Our first Work/Shop theme of 2021 is all about HOPE, something we all need to hold onto right now.

The start of the new year has been tricky to say the least and it’s impossible not to feel the weight of all that’s going on in the world right now. But it’s important to remember the power of being hopeful, and the Holly & Co team is here to cheerlead you and share tools to help everyone, especially small businesses, stay positive.

2020 was about survival and learning to pivot and react to entirely new challenges, and find ways to function as we went up and down the rollercoaster of restrictions. This year it’s time to build on those foundations and grow even stronger, into the businesses we want to be for the future!

The support for small businesses is there like never before and it’s our job as a community to harness it into a once in a generation shift in consumerism.

Throughout this year we’ll be co-llaborating with an ‘artist in residence’ every month to dream up the amazing artwork encapsulating our themes! It’s something we’ve dreamt of doing for a while and we’re so thrilled we can support a new artist and small business each month to help us tell the story of each theme and move the conversation forward – as each of our themes is linked to one of our missions! 

This month, our artist in residence is Rosie Johnson! An illustrator who ‘draws thoughts’ – how magic does that sound?! And Rosie really is magic. Her work brings to life many of the things we are all feeling in an approachable, helpful and beautiful way, each one a shining square of positivity and, you guessed it, HOPE!

Rosie has created a free 2021 positivity activity pack which is a great resource for homeschooling kids – and for adults too! Download it to print at home here.