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The Holly & Co Summer Exhibition 2019

I’m beyond thrilled to reveal ‘The Holly & Co Kids Summer Exhibition’.  A celebration of creative young minds, giving them a platform to shine and permission to own their passion and talents beyond the traditional educational restraints!

When I put the call out for artwork last month I didn’t know quite what to expect and I have been utterly blown away by the pieces we have received! It has been a complete joy to meet so many wonderful young artists and hear about their art, and why they love being creative! Thank you all, from the bottom of my heart. I am filled with so much love and awe when I walk into the Work/Shop and see this incredible gallery.

If you can please come and visit us over the next two weeks and help us show these amazing children that their talents and passions are important and not to be pushed to the side, or considered a ‘nice to have’ at school. Creativity is what makes the world an interesting place, and some of the greatest most groundbreaking entrepreneurs were not university, or even GCSE educated!!

Foster creativity, give children the space to thrive within their own talents and allow them to dream as big and bold as they can. I am right behind them and you!