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The Future Is Female Founders Month

Happy International Women’s Day! To celebrate March and how it’s not only the month mother’s day falls within, but also how now this most awesome day is firmly in the calendar – we took over the shop and packed it with oestrogen! We dedicated our space to all women and how fucking crazily amazing they are!

We’ve had fun with the deliciousness that we offer, the fairy door, our exclusive products, but what we’ve loved creating is an installation dedicated to ‘Female Founders’ past and present. We’ve adorned our rosettes with beautiful images of women such as Anita Rodrick, Martha Lane Fox, Vivienne Westwood, Kanya King, Barbara Hulanicki and Julie Deane and so many, many more. The purpose – to inspire women to know that the future of business is female! That there is ‘change’ in the air and all she has to do – is go for it!

Today the ‘Rose Report’ is released, which is a report created by Alison Rose who’s the Deputy CEO of NatWest. She was asked to create an in-depth study on why women are not creating business at the rate of men. DID YOU KNOW- that the difference of women starting businesses versus men is 150,000 companies per year! That’s right…and that if women started businesses at the same rate, over a 4 yr period it would pump £250 BILLION into the economy! That would sort a few things out – wouldn’t it? And guess what? One of the main reasons she doesn’t…Women believe they need to be experts and men don’t! She has the imposter syndrome!

With so many women who inspire us now in business (not enough I know) but we have some amazing ladies don’t we, doing incredible things….that they can inspire us all to keep going, keep building and get more women into business. So if you know a woman who’s thinking of starting a business…cheerlead the hell out of her and prop and her dreams up, until they fly. Why not tag them in, and I can help inspire them along their journey?

And later I’ll share why I’m wearing this T-shirt in an exclusive colour way by amazing @nicolarowlands!

Happy Women’s Day, my most wonderful ‘Female Founders’ out there and all female supporters XX