do what you love month

Do What You Love And Love What You Do’ is at the very core of what Holly & Co is all about. It is what the Holly and Co team strive for everyday and dream about every night – to help everyone. 

In 2019 we realised that there was a month dedicated to every food type, but there wasn’t a month dedicated to that little thing of ‘starting a business’! So we crowned May the month where we help celebrate and encourage all those dreaming about starting a business, to do exactly that #startabusinessmonth.

Whether you’re starting a business or if you’re already on the journey – you have to be madly in love! You have to be  obsessed with what you are doing, and if you’re not, now’s the time to rip off that plaster and deal with what is dragging your dreams down!

We are living in unprecedented times, but within all the challenges lies opportunity.

Have you always had a small business dream, but never the time or drive to take the leap? Right now, you have that time in a way you never will again.

Now IS the time to give it a shot, to work on your ‘side hustle’ and get your idea ready to launch. This time will change the world for good, don’t miss your chance to ride the wave of a more caring, community focused approach.

What’s to lose?